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The first drill 5,500 meters in bohai sea was accelerated by 47% with the horizontal well of deep shale oil.On March 12, 2020, the bohai sea drilling the first well drilling company officer page of the socket drill the 2-3-2 H 7, the drilling depth of 5538 meters, the average rate of penetration of 14.9 m/hour, drilling cycle shortened 47.13% year-on-year, gen dagang oil shale 5500 m deep horizontal well drilling cycle to be shortest record, level 1498 m at a surging shale oil level section of the east sag the longest on record

Guanshe2-3-2h well is a three-way evaluation horizontal well located in xiao7 fault block of xiaoji oilfield.The target horizon of this well is C3 new horizon, the highest bottom temperature of the well is 148 degrees Celsius, the oil and gas display is active, the length of the open hole is 2403.74 meters, the well trajectory is complex, and there are risks of well leakage and stuck drilling.The company earnestly implemented the seven requirements for speed raising, vigorously implemented the "one policy for one well" and "one strategy for one section", optimized drilling parameters and drilling fluid performance, optimized screw and centralizer, used hydraulic vibrators and other speed raising tools, enhanced bit selection and personalized design, and the mechanical drilling speed in the inclined section was 8.57m/h, with a year-on-year increase of 31.2%.

Drilling team 70027 drilling team to grasp the "double staring" work, key stages, key process cadres to watch post, to ensure the safety of the key process construction.The technicians can predict the formation and lithologic characteristics in advance and master the formation drilling law.Keep tools, instruments and materials in the well to ensure underground safety;The high temperature resistant tools and instruments were selected, the communication with directional well personnel was strengthened, the well track was tracked, and the open hole section of three 2403 meters was effectively completed in 19.42 days