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Recently, a set of 260 truck-mounted mud and water desilting system of KES company was accepted and sent to a river desilting site in China

The multi-stage automatic control screening system is specially designed and developed by our company for river dredging project.The system design and processing capacity is 260m³/h, and it is produced in strict accordance with industry standards, including 1 customized container module (bearing all equipment of the whole system);1 variable frequency 260m³KBNS260-VFD mud-water separation and desilting system, 1 variable frequency 260m³KCNS260-VFD mud-water separation and desilting system;1 horizontal conveyer grille machine;1 high level liquid phase collecting tank;1 screw air compressor;One medicine tank and one water tank;As well as flow pipeline, valve, aisle guardrail, stairs and other equipment accessories and electronic control system 

The system overall configuration uses the well-known brands, more system device can be used according to the need to implement free combination, multi-level control system integration PLC control, greatly reduce the labor costs and improve the humanized construction need, can effectively separate coarse, medium and fine sand in the river silt, effectively achieve desilting governance, waste recycling value.The latest system field use effect, you can contact sales@kessolidscontrol.com

Through years of technical accumulation in the field of river dredging, Kes solids control equipment has designed and developed system equipment and integrated solutions for the difficulties of river dredging, large amount of mud and difficult environmental protection treatment, and designed and configured multi-stage automatic control screening system applicable to different customer requirements to meet customers‘ efficient construction needs

The vehicle-mounted mud and water desilting system customized for the customer is a kind of vehicle-mounted rapid mud and water desilting environmental protection treatment system which is easy to use, can realize solid waste separation and direct cleaning and transportation, and does not produce secondary pollution.The realization of regional mobile operations, greatly save the cost of expenses for customers.Welcome customers to consult and understand the relevant solutions,for more information, search KES on Google,or give us email sales@kessolidscontrol.com