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KES business orders are soaring recently, our company has exported a large number of equipment, the production of an unusually busy, even if in the process of such a busy, also taking part in Qingdao, China international employees trenchless exhibition, this exhibition we exhibited spate separation equipment, mud recycling equipment, and equipment such as vibrating screen thank customers at home and abroad has been the love of our products

KES company is the leading manufacturer of mud and water separation equipment in the industry, we can produce perfect mud and water separation equipment, we can produce vibrating screen, various types of mud separation equipment, various types of mud treatment and circulation equipment, vibrating screen, mud integrated machine, shale shaker screen,Multiple vibrating screen, single vibrating screen, mud dryer, mud cleaner, desander, desander, desander, vacuum deaerator, centrifuge, dryer, sand pump, shear pump, screw pump, liquid slurry pump, jet slurry mixing unit,mud agitator,mud gun,poorboy degasser,flare ignition device,flare ignition device,screw conveyor,mud tank,mud drug tank,pipes,walkway,guardrail,sunshade,PAM dosing unit,high pressure flushing.jib crane,explosionproof motor hoist,pipeline mixer,customized container,mud skip,piping pump,vertical fire pump,magnetic driving pump,liquid level meter,liquid level meter,horizontal slurry pump and so on,Welcome to inquire about the models and prices of our various equipment

After years of development, our company has complete production lines and equipment products, we can according to customer requirements, customized production equipment, our company‘s products, durable, economical and practical, accord with international standard, the strength of our company, covers an area of 26000 square meters, the workshop, production equipment complete, welcome to our company on-the-spot investigation

KES company‘s products are mainly used in oil and gas drilling engineering of sludge treatment, gas layer and mining in the mud and mud treatment, all kinds of geothermal drilling mud treatment, trenchless mud mud disposal of city construction, shield tunnel crossing project of mud mud treatment, and the river channel dredging soil processing, the processing of drilling waste, as well as the food industry, solid and liquid separation and processing of special project and so on

Busy in September, hope an early end to the epidemic abroad, hope our equipment more and more get more overseas customers love and trust, we continue to meet the product quality, the technical indicators, we guarantee that in the most perfect products and services to win the trust of customers, over the years, our company keep high-speed growth, continuously improve product innovation and research and development strength, we can satisfy any environment engineering mud treatment, we can meet the requirements of any situation of sludge treatment, welcome to consult us,http://www.kessolidscontrol.com  sales@kessolidscontrol.com